What is Niacinamide? :

Is the B of all B vitamins also known as B3. This gal is pretty much your second immune system but for the skin. She works on the outside of our body protecting our skin in many ways than one. B3 is a powerful antioxidant and one that should always be maintained in your skincare regime. It is also the very first active ingredient that should be in your skincare range and is suitable for all skin types and tones as it is your second immune system.


What does Niacinamide do for the skin and me:

Well, where do I start, not only is B3 such an important part of our gut and the internal aspects? B3 first is known in our body as niacin. This amazing vitamin protects us from developing any diseases, helps with inflammation in the gut and most of all plays an important part in our cell metabolism as it produces energy that helps break down carbs, fats, and proteins.

Now for the skin, it is just as good. When applying B3 topically to our skin it is commonly known to help reduce pre-skin cancers on the skin. The reason for this is that the B3 immune system response can be affected by a very small amount of UV radiation as little as 6 minutes of sun exposure on a sunny day in summer. B3 protects against this immune system suppression.

Not only does it help with skin Keratosis and reduce pigment damage to the skin. This wonder vitamin helps regulate sebum production on the skin ( oily skin), improves our barrier function and fights bacteria as well as prevents any water loss in our first layer of skin known as the epidermis. To top it off, how fabulous our girl B3 is as she does us a favor in stimulating collagen and elastin to keep us looking younger, glowing, and youthful.


How to use Niacinamide:

Our girl should always take first place in our skincare program. Let’s be real, we need her to empower our day and keep things under control. B3 should be the first thing you apply when you wake up in the morning after your cleanser. Every active skincare ingredient loves B3 as they are all welcome to her party and are equally loved in her protection bubble and help her throughout the day in keeping the immune system in our skin safe.

Best ingredients to pair Niacinamide with:

B3 is loved by all and is suitable with any active ingredient. However, her three main hustlers and badass besties in her girl group are Vitamin C, Kojic Acid & Zinc. These girls hype her up to be the best she can be in brightening the skin and picking up any loose ends to maintain that youthful balance.

I personally recommend these products!

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