Let’s talk skin ladies!

In a world where we can google anything, I feel like we are still missing real, honest, and qualified answers. That’s why I’ve created this brand, to empower women (just like you & me) to take control of your skin and dare to bare your raw self. This page is dedicated to the beautiful queen you are and answers all the nitty-gritty skin questions you have.

The women’s skin dilemma

As a trained dermal skin specialist, I was annoyed at seeing so-called online “experts” giving skin advice that wasn’t backed up with education or qualifications. I felt like the industry was bombarding women with products they didn’t need and was preying on the emotional attachment we have to our image as a way to sell more.

Skin advice should be personal and take into account you as a whole person – it isn’t one size fits all. Explore my content below and when you’re ready book your 1:1 skin consult where we will create your personalised skin routine, made just for you.

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