Why do my clothes irritate me when i sweat?

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We all love a good kit on the court, showing our fave colours representing our team and who we are. But even if we’re not on the court we also love to represent and express ourselves through our style and clothing. It shows character and who we are. However sometimes our style and choice of clothing can be the cause of why we are getting them bad boy breakouts. Let’s face it ,shit style and cheap fabrics / clothes = shit skin and a representation of who you are. When we are wearing cheap factory fabrics that are rubbing against our skin everyday and we are sweating in them this can cause irritation and friction. Textile dermatitis from clothes made with synthetics such as polyester , rayon , nylon, spandex or rubber are all culprits.

They dont breathe as well as natural fibres and they make you sweat more in places we don’t want to. Often the source is the dye or other chemicals in clothing; these chemicals are usually found in cheap clothing that are made in third world countries paying their staff breadcrumbs and making them work inhumane hours so, I guess the payback for us constantly buying the CHEAP shit and not looking out for our fans is the repercussions of our skin getting pimples, dermatitis and other skin conditions. Sometimes it’s worth paying that little extra $$$ to have a few good quality items or limited edition pieces.

So maybe you do have the good stuff and your style is as expensive as a pair of exclusive Air Jordan 2. But you’re still having the issues of breaking out and having certain skin conditions? Then this comes down to what you’re washing your expensive taste in? A Lot of washing detergents also have harsh chemicals and parabens that leave a residue in our clothing. So when we sweat those harsh chemicals are absorbed into our bodies and cause a bad wardrobe day!. When shopping for washing detergents we want to try shop as natural or organic or paraben free as possible.

A few other common reasons in why we get acne where we sweat are also to do with our environment and lifestyle, in every good game of NBA2K1 or basketball in general when we aren’t playing at our home town with our fans cheering us on and giving us that vibe and energy we need, we can really start to feel the pressure building at the away games. Not only are we stressed because we need to win and perform to our best, we also need to adapt to a new court , new city and fewer fans cheering us on. The anxiety and anticipation builds and we are really out of our comfort zone. We start sweating more but our bodies are trying to deal with this sudden aggressive change. Especially if we are in season and playing back to back games in different cities. Just the same way your skin responds to new environments. When we are throwing our bodies into a new territory this can also exert the issues we are having with acne / breakouts in unwanted areas of our bodies. The reason this happens is just the same way our adrenaline peaks before a game or mid game. So does our IGF1 which raises certain stimulations in the body. One of those simulations is our oil glands. They starts sending messages to the skin and nervous system and is pretty much like , ‘’ hey mate I know I’m early to the party but i’m keen to get on with it and start drinking now’’ when this happens we get an overproduction of oil in wanted areas. We also have all the other components adding to that.

It’s as if we were to change from a hot to cold climate within 24hrs and we then are wearing heavy clothes because one city is snowing and we aren’t allowing our skin to breathe as well as our bodies. This will also add to the pressure of your skin not performing to its best ability and we can start to cause friction mixed with oil and sweat in unwanted areas. We need to make sure we are mindful in these aspects and allow our bodies to breathe at night if they can’t breathe in the day. So sleeping naked , removing our socks , bare backing it when we’re chilling at home. These subtle little changes can help with certain issues you may be having. It’s so common and normal to break out in gential areas when we are wearing tight clothing that rubs against our manhood. And trust me I think we can agree that we only want certain things rubbing against that area for better reasons! .

Our lucky last bad boy to add to the court is a combination of a shit scoreboard mixed with a shit player who’s been taking some supplements behind the teams back and is now starting to have a bad side effect when passing the ball on the court. This is hair folliculitis that could be  undiagnosed mixed with a cheap shaver. The combination is really a recipe for a disaster and a game that’s already lost before it even began.

Hair folliculitis looks like acne at first and can start off as a pimple or white head however as time goes by it can start to get worse and worse and we could be doing everything right but seem to get  nowhere. That’s because hair folliculitis is a bacterial and fungal infection that is found in the bulb of the hair follicle Clusters of small red bumps or white-headed pimples that develop around hair follicles.

Some of the first signs and symptoms are: 

  • Pus-filled blisters that break open and crust over
  • Itchy, burning skin
  • Painful, tender skin
  • A large swollen bump or mass
  • Cheap shaver that can irritate the area and cause more harm

So you’re probably like well shit! I think I may have this? The best is to book an appointment with your GP as it is curable with a few doses of antibiotics or antifungal medication. If you are on the cusp and not too sure, still book an appointment as the long term effects can lead to permanent hair loss and ongoing skin bacterial infections that can spread around the body.


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