What can I do about hormonal breakouts?

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Why is it that every good binge worthy tv series always kills off the hottest character mid way through and throws a spanner in the works?. They then bring that hottie back, to then make another tragic scene with a different  character we have had to re fall in love with and where still not over the first one. This emotional mind twisting illusion is the exact same thing we experience every 28-36 days as a woman.

That is of course, our period along with that one annoying friend she always brings to ruins the party Aka Pimple. You’re probably thinking why do I get the same pimple in the same exact spot every month? My skin feels like shit and that pimple thinks it can just camp out without paying rent. You probably are ready to kick that pimple to the curb and get a new tenant in. So let’s break  down in why the pimple gets free rent every month and how we can slowly give it a move along notice?

During  ovulation and feeling our sexiest self, is where our Progesterone levels start to dominate our hormones and the rest of our body, making it time for the baby making window to appear. After this window, we start to enter the Luteal phase about 7- 10 days before our period. In this cross over, Sebaceous glands and Sweat glands are hyper sensitive to Progesterone. Your sebaceous glands are the ones responsible for sebum ( oil) production in the skin. As the Luteal phase starts kicking in hard, and trying to overtake, this is when we start seeing acne, pimple breakouts and oily hair. Now Progesterone not only makes us a little sensitive to these effects, but when mixing with our Luteal phase it increases our craving for sugar.  We then  start intaking large amounts of sugar into the body which contribute to bloating , mood swings and fatigue. As you can imagine and see this is all a tidal wave effect for a disaster.

So what can we do to help this every month in that 7-10 day window and not make our acne worse ?

  • Reduce your salt and sugar intake
  • increase vitamin B6 , C and Zinc to help you get through
  • Switch to dark chocolate
  • Wash your pillowcase more often in that 7-10 days
  • Get yourself some Salicylic acid/ Glycolic or Mandelic peel pads to use around this time.
  • Rest and do more calming activities
  • Invest in a good Salicylic or Glycolic acid spot treatment product
  • Increase your dark berries and vegetables
  • Try to reduce dairy intake around this 7- 10 day windo
  • Reduce alcohol or stick to clean spirits
  • Increase your omega 3
  • Use a rich hydrating moisturiser , Yep! If the skin thinks it’s dry it will produce more oil which we don’t want
  • Avoid sun exposure / make sure you are very vigilant with your SPF as your skin cells are more hyper sensitive to the sun at this time of our phase.

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