What is vitamin D good for :

We all love a bit of D in our life that is Vitamin D of course. The big D is a little underestimated for how good and essential it is for our mind, body and soul baby. Big D likes to play hard to get and we can get a little ghosted at times by Big D. Our immune system relies  on Big D for calcium and phosphate absorption as well as cellular growth ,skin  repair and premature ageing. Without our daily dose of big D we all will be a little under the weather and not feeling our best selves. Skin has the ability to manufacture as much as 10,000 IU of vitamin D

After 20–30 minutes of summer sun exposure. However , Big D doesn’t love everyone,  depending on your skin type, age and tone as  this can alter how much D we are getting. This is why most of us are only receiving little D instead of Big D due to our climate , environment and where we live as well as products like SPF that can stop the absorption of D but are still important for us to wear SPF due to UV exposure. Big D really makes us work for it.

What are the benefits of  Vitamin D :

Big D is the bread to our butter. Vitamin D optimises the body and skin’s immune function by,

  • Combats free radicals associated with premature ageing.
  • Improves brain function, mood and stress.
  • Assists with weight management.
  • Boosts immune response. Although considered a vitamin, Vitamin D works like a

hormone and low levels are associated with auto-immune mediated diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Can also help with eczema.

  • Acne sufferers are found to have low Vitamin D levels. In this case Big D can help acne sufferers by lowering inflammation and improving the skin health.
  • Deficiency of Big D  causes depression, insomnia or disrupted sleep.

How do i  use vitamin D :

Big D  can be found in many sources from food , to nature, to skincare. One of the easiest ways to grab Big D’s attention is by absorbing 20-30 mins of natural sunlight bright and early in the morning between 6.30am and 9.30am and in the afternoons between 3.45pm and 6.30pm. This is when the UVA/UVB are at its lowest and we can absorb a healthy amount of D without causing damage to our skin.

Best foods with high sources of D are salmon, sardines, egg yolk, cod liver oil, mushrooms, fortified cereal, milk and margarine.

Big D in skincare can be used either in the AM or PM. I, personally find it best to use in the AM so you can get a double dose and free radical protection throughout the day.

What ingredients go with  vitamin D:

Big D shouldn’t be paired with glycolic acid ,  salicylic acid, because the acidic pH inactivates vitamin D. This means BIG D becomes useless to us.

Big D loves hanging out with his pals ,the antioxidant groups as well as growth factors , B3 and Retinol. When using Big D it’s best to pair him with your morning serums as they will and should only contain antioxidants , B vitamins and the ingredients that make you non sun sensitive.

Top 5 products with vitamin D  :

The ordinary amino acids $12.50 

Hydrate and strengthen skin with The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5, a silky, weightless serum that is rich in powerful active ingredients. Infused with a complex of Amino Acids, D-Panthenol and pro-Vitamin B5, the nourishing formula helps to support the natural barrier function by replenishing high levels of moisture and improving elasticity. Working to soothe any feelings of irritation and aid in skin repair, the serum leaves behind a comfortable, healthy and glowing visage.

Skinstitut Multi Active Treatment Oil 50ml $38.22

Multi Active Treatment Oil – 50ml – NEW!


For dehydrated, sun damaged, sensitive and ageing skin

Key Active Ingredients:

  • Co Enzyme Q10 – a powerful anti-oxidant that is naturally found in cells. It acts as a free radical neutraliser
  • Macadamia ” an essential fatty acid and excellent skin softener with nourishing properties
  • Rosehip” improves skin hydration is rejuvenating and exhibits strong moisture retention abilities. Aids in wound healing and is a natural source of retinoic acid
  • Avocado – highest penetration rate of similar oils such as almond. Acts as a carrier oil to transport active substances into the skin. Stabilises oil in water emulsions
  • Vitamin A, D and E ” Powerful antioxidants for free radical protection
  • Geranium ” refreshing, anti-irritant and astringent. The cell regenerating properties make it a great choice for ageing skin
  • Litsea Cubeba – (fruit) powerful antioxidant, photo-protectant, a natural tyrosinase inhibitor and studies show it to be a natural skin lightening agent

Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Drops 30ml $84

Like a morning super juice for your skin, Bloomeffects’ NEW! Tulip Dew Drops delivers a healthy dose of botanical clean skincare. Featuring 28 Dutch plant & botanical extracts – including Bloomeffects’ proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex – Tulip Dew Drops deeply hydrates, and protect against free radicals & pollution. This water-based serum instantly absorbs into the skin and improves skin’s water retention properties.

With just a few drops, this flowering skincare solution will boost radiance with its lightweight formula that is enriched with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), C, D & E and Squalane to improve uneven skin tone and texture, while delivering an instantly bright dewy glow lasting hydration. With subtle light reflecting pigments, your skin will be left with aninstantly brighter and all-day dewy glow.

Société Vitamin D Complex 48g $199

You’ve got your Vitamin A, B, C and E covered – but have you got Vitamin D ticked off the list?

An innovative yet underappreciated gem in the skincare world, Vitamin D is the hottest young thing, and an essential fat soluble vitamin important for maintaining overall skin health, as well as promoting wellness within the body more broadly. 

Not content with a single wonder ingredient, Société have also pumped their Vitamin D Complex with plenty of other hero vitamins – including, C, E and F, as well as Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides. 

Lighten Up Rejuvenating Moisture Lotion with Vitamin D $39 

Mitchell brands 

Skin renewing properties of Vitamin D repair and strengthen skin, leaving it smooth and energized. Antioxidant vitamins soften, condition and calm, while gently moisturizing. Its glycerin moisturizing benefits leave skin soft, smooth and comfortable.


I personally recommend these products!

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