How to treat and prevent acne in the areas I sweat the most?

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Just like a good game of NBA2K21 are you the Brooklyn nets with Harden scoring back to back slam dunks! Or are you the Lakers with Le Bron showing off his flawless talent? However like every good athlete in the game there is always scrutiny or setbacks. It doesn’t matter how hard we try or if we are doing what we think is the right thing, if the rest of our team isn’t performing with us ,then we are going to have a few issues until we all get on the same page. Just in the same way our skin and acne work with sweat.

Sometimes there are a few players that let us down and we don’t even realise because they are so good at what they do we dont ever really see the amount of fouls or points that are given away to the opposition because of common silly mistakes that we could be doing in our everyday life which affects that outcome. It’s so normal to breakout in the areas were we sweat sometimes but it shouldn’t be an ongoing situation unless we have things that are affecting those personal areas:


This one of the biggest causes of acne and clogged pores and contact dermatitis. You know how you have that one reff that always loves a little too much attention and causes unnecessary fouls and points to his favourite team because 9/10 he is probably getting bribed and doesn’t have any balls to play a fair game. Well that guy is known as aluminum.  We think the ref is on our side in the first two halves of the game when we are winning and then all of a sudden he starts pulling out the red cards for no reason. That is because he works as a shield to protect against sweat. But in doing so , it forms a barrier to block any sweat from breaking through. This clogs your pores , and can irritate the underarm area or any area you are applying the reff which can lead to more unwanted red cards aka pimples and dermatitis. Below are my top 3 favourite reffs that won’t take any bribes and play a fair game.

  • Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant 60mL: $14.95 and is uni sex  This pleasant, unisex scent is ideal for anyone looking to change up their self-care with a healthier option. Free of parabens, aluminium, and antiperspirants, Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant allows the body to release toxins naturally. The secret? A blend of essential oils keeps unpleasant odours at bay. A perfect everyday option,
    • Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste 75g:  $18.95 a unique way to keep sweat and odour at bay. This product has gained a cult following due to its effectiveness without the use of aluminium or antiperspirants. Packaged in a jar, this user-friendly formula is filled with botanical ingredients that absorb sweat and neutralise odours for seriously heavy-duty wear.
    • Dr Hauschka Sage & Mint Deodorant Roll-On: $31 Sage and Mint are the unpredictable heroes in this natural deodorant from Dr Hauschka. The roll-on formula regulates your body temperature, keeping you feeling cool. Also handles perspiration effectively by removing impurities that settle on the skin and won’t stain clothes or clog pores.


 Body wash & Moisturiser:

Just like any good basket baller, to be the best we have to also make sure we eat the best and make sure our nutrition is on point so we can perform to our best ability. However, when we wanna party our self control goes out the window especially when there’s a few baddies at the crib and we want to show them how much we’re making and who we are. Ego kicks in and all rules and restrictions are out the door. We think ‘’well i’m an athlete’, i’m training all day everyday 9-5 baby who cares if I’m enjoying myself everyday and having mini cheat meals’’. But after awhile we realise DAM them cheat meals i was having aint got my back and the real evidence of what we have been doing starts showing on the court in game time. This same attitude and habitat applies to what we are using to wash and moisturise our bodies with everyday. Just because we only use it once a day and washing it off or sometimes applying it here and there who cares a small amount cant affect us that much? Or can it?

Truth be told. It CAN. Unfortunately with how competitive the skincare industry has become, just as the same as how competitive the NBA teams and picks are , there are a few flaws in the system. When we are constantly using products with high alcohol , detergent , parabens and perfumes just to name a few on a daily / weekly basis, this starts to impact our skin and lymph system. This causes a buildup of toxins, you need to remember the skin is the largest organ on the body and the only way to get rid of toxins and nasty chemicals is through sweat and going to the toilet. When we are building up nasty chemicals on our body from the outside we start to have a few issues. Choosing active good ingredients , natural and gentle ingredients to put on our skin will save it in the long term. And trust me we will be performing on the court at game time with multiple slam dunks.

I personally recommend these products!

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